About Gemini Logistics

Gemini Logistics, Inc. was established in 1981. Our Logistics team has more than 35 years of experience designing customized solutions resulting in cost savings and supply chain improvements.

Our Specialty: Freight Consolidation

Consolidation warehousing is a form of warehousing that organizes and combines small shipments from various suppliers and assembles them into larger, more economical, shipping loads intended for the same destination.

Benefits of Consolidation Warehousing:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • No financial investment required
  • Reduced inventory levels

Our services include:

  • A customized logistics plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Plan of process and procedures to meet your logistics goals
  • Communications with you and your associates during each process
  • Confirmation of successful implementation
  • Revisions to logistics process to create an effective logistics process for your business

Our Objective

Our supply chain management objective is to understand the members of the supply chain while reducing costs by reviewing management of the supply chain. This means we are continuously working to:

  • Be efficient and cost-effective across the entire system
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Expand Sales Revenue
  • Reduce Inventory Cost
  • Improve On-Time Delivery
  • Reduce Transportation and Warehouse Costs

To see an example of how our supply chain process works, and our involvement in each step of the process, click here.

We're ready to help with your logistics needs.

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